Explainers, Promos and Teasers

Short, clear and engaging videos are a major factor in the success of a marketing or crowdfunding campaign.

Videos give potential users and investors a better idea of your service — they can see you or your service in action rather than clicking through a series of static images.

A cheaply made video isn't going to convince anyone to get involved, and at worst, could damage your campaign’s credibility.

It’s usually well worth hiring pros to make your video pitch the best it can be, because of the investment it will attract.

The famous marketer Seth Godin, on the campaign he ran that reached its goal in three hours:

“There’s something about the medium that makes the video even more important than you’d think.”

An excellent video grabs attention and shows your audience you care about a great presentation, you care about details.

It makes for a fun and easy way to learn why they need you.

We specialize in making complex subjects understandable, and sharing your story with the world. We do this by writing great scripts, using the best voice actors and creating motion graphics that really impress.

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