Zennet - The public supercomputer

Visit ZENNET.SC for more information. Zencoin presale coming soon.

Zennet. The public supercomputer.

What if you could wield vast computing power? The kind of computational might that has previously been strictly the domain of government agencies?

Welcome to the rise of cloud computing, which allows for almost unlimited computing resources, instantly. Zennet is the next step in this revolution, decentralizing the system and allowing both buyers and sellers of computing power to profit.

With Zennet, you can generate income with your hardware by offering your idle computing power for rent. Users’ resources are pooled together automatically and rented out to the highest and most trusted bidders. Third parties buy your idle computing power and use it for number crunching, analyzing big data, doing research, and other mind-blowing applications that were before impossible. The network is fully distributed and decentralized. No central entity exists of any kind.

Zennet's protocol also presents a novel reward mechanism that achieves continuous and frictionless payment, thanks to blockchain technology. To make this possible, Zencoin was created, a cryptocurrency designed specifically to serve as the lifeblood of the network.

Cutting-edge virtualization technology ensures the highest level of sandboxing and efficiency. Zennet will run on any computer. You will be able to control who rents your machine, specify its use and set a price. You are in complete control.

Zennet is extremely flexible and places huge computational power within everyone’s reach.

The next-generation supercomputer has arrived.

Zennet. The public supercomputer.

Visit zennet.sc for more information.
- Zencoin presale coming soon -